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Did You know:

Playing as an adult can reduce stress, promote optimism, and

strengthen one's ability

to take on other perspectives​​.


Did you Know:

Working with your hands makes you happier, healthier and helps boost self-confidence by giving you a sense of accomplishment both to master and to complete a project.

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Did You Know:

Having happy employees increases productivity & engagement, lowers absenteeism, improves retention and enhances creative problem solving.

The Creativity Playground

Your Facilitator

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Corisa Moreno is a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist with a global perspective, having lived and worked in Japan, Spain, and England. Holding an MFA from the California College of the Arts, Corisa's art is a celebration of hope, joy, and human connection.


Beyond her artistic pursuits, Corisa is a seasoned educator, mentor, and team building facilitator. She specializes in fostering collaboration and building meaningful relationships. Committed to diversity and inclusion, Corisa actively contributes to equity initiatives and has trained in active listening techniques with The Stanley H. King Counseling Institute. She also is fluent in Spanish and conversational in Japanese.


With Corisa as your facilitator, you can expect a tailored, art-based team building experience that fosters creativity, communication, cohesion, and fun among your team members.

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