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I create art to inspire connection and joy, drawing from nostalgia, childhood games, and shared memories to explore the significance of playful human interactions.
At exhibitions, I bring a piece of string and invite guests to join me in sessions of cat’s cradle—an experience that bridges the gap between artist and audience. From these interactions, I was inspired to create art that could be handled and played with. I began building "fortune teller" sculptures, from raw canvas to evoke the whimsy of the child’s paper-folded seer. These sculptures serve as tactile invitations to let go of 'do-not-touch-the-art' convention and embrace prophetic playfulness by allowing viewers to engage directly with the art. Whether it is interactive sculptures or thread woven through canvas, viewers are often drawn to touch the art, impulsively reaching out with an irresistible desire to feel.
Creativity is a playground.

Fortune 1.jpg

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