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Huge News!

In April 2024, my painting, 'Games People Play,' will be on a billboard in Los Angeles as part of  The Billboard Creative's 10-Year Anniversary show. I couldn't be more thrilled—it's a dream come true!

I consider myself an honorary Angelino, and to have my art displayed in this city in this way is an incredible opportunity to share my work. 'Games People Play' isn't just a painting—it's a piece of my soul, filled with nostalgia and memories of simpler times. I wish my grandparents, who were from LA, were still around to see this. I can only imagine the look on their faces seeing their grandkid's work up there high against the skyline.

My work with childhood games is about more than nostalgia—it's about connecting with people through shared experiences. Games like Cat's Cradle and the paper-folded fortune tellers—they're universal. They bring us together across time and place, and I find that incredibly powerful.

I often wonder what games my grandparents played when they were young, or what silly questions they had for the fortune teller. It's thoughts like these that inspired me to continue this series—to capture the essence of childhood and the joy of play.

If you happen to be in LA in April, keep an eye out for 'Games People Play' while driving North on Hoover at Rampart. Who knows, it might just spark some memories of your own childhood games and adventures.

And be sure to check out all the incredible artists during the month of April.

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