Acrylic & Thread on Canvas, 20” x 39”

Diptych (size includes 3” space/thread between paintings).


This series is about relationships, tension, and how we never stop playing games - for better or for worse. Post-lockdown, I kept thinking of the expression ‘hanging on by a thread’ and how we were affected in all aspects of life: work, politics, relationships. I started to incorporate thread into my work and built off of that feeling.


I raised an only child in lockdown. I watched the next generation figure out how to build relationships online & mostly through games. I played Cat’s Cradle when I was young. This is a game that, for the most part, needs a partner. A game of hands reaching out for other hands. A game about creation. The game stops when you can’t make anything anymore. These paintings explore what it means to keep hope.


Unframed. Wired and ready to hang.

Games People Play: Insurrection