• Corisa Moreno

Laughing at the Most Painful Parts of Your Life

Season 2, Episode12

Be humble. Don't be precious. Be a chicken. Comedy writer and teacher, Daniela Saioni, gives great advice on getting laughs from your trauma. Daniela is offering two 5-Day challenges, links below. The winners get to take her writing courses for free! These are affiliate links to help support the podcast. 5-Day Personal TV Comedy Series Premise Creation Challenge from Jan 24 to 29th (which is Pay What You Want) https://comedywriting.samcart.com/referral/IrN7qiQm/soDoZggedWuoUvJA

5-Day Comedy Feature Film Premise Creation Challenge from January 31 to Feb 5th (also Pay What You Want) https://comedywriting.samcart.com/referral/0JUkJuCA/soDoZggedWuoUvJA

Writing Courses From Schtick to Script (the TV pilot writing program) https://comedywriting.samcart.com/referral/9IZtWdJh/soDoZggedWuoUvJA Make 'Em Laugh For 90 Minutes (the Feature Film writing program) https://comedywriting.samcart.com/referral/VJtKG7d9/soDoZggedWuoUvJA BIPOC creators, use the coupon code BIPOC100 to receive $100 off Schtick to Script and Make 'Em Laugh For 90 Minutes!

You can find Daniela Twitter: @HellaciousDee Instagram: @hellaciousdee Facebook: Mondo Cinema Film & TV Workshops FB Page