• Corisa Moreno

Creativity Creates the Conversation

We need more conversations. Art, whether it's fine art, photography, film, music, dance, etc, gives us a place to start. Let's start it now. My guest today, TJ Walsh, is an internationally exhibited artist who has nurtured creativity in hearts and minds for decades. He received his BFA in graphic design and an MA in clinical counseling psychology. He is an expert in human relationships, human creativity, the creative process, fear, and procrastination.

In 2021, TJ created the BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE to help artists get over their shit, envision their dreams and develop innovative pathways to make those dreams a reality. In 2022, TJ is launching the G.R.O.W. Your Creative Life program that will help artists launch themselves to the next step in achieving their creative dreams.

To learn more about TJ's program check out www.tjwalshcoaching.com To see TJ's work go to www.instagram.com/tjwalshartist Follow the podcast on Instagram: @thehowwecreatepodcast You can find me on Instagram @CorisaMorenoArt You can find my recent pet portraits on my Instagram: @CorisaPaintsPets. Original music by Deborah Stokol.

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